Looking for your Reindeer Names? You've come to the right place!
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If you get them right, we'll give you a Reindeer Name and a clue.
Finding the last Reindeer Name will be up to you!

What is this site all about?

Every year, as the presents are wrapped and placed under the tree, our lovely children attempt to beat the system. They shake, squeeze and sniff trying to guess what is hidden behind the pretty paper. We decided the best way to put a stop to their cheating ways was to make it impossible for them to know which presents belonged to who. So all presents under our tree have Reindeer names, and we secretly assign three Reindeer names to each cheater child. We then make it a Christmas morning game for them to find all their Reindeer names. This website is part of that game, which has become a yearly tradition - even though two of our kids have moved out and are starting their own families.